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“You Will Also Die The Way Ojuku Died”, Northerner Blast Nnamdi Kanu, Calls Him A Coward (Details below)



Nnamdi Kanu who is Popularly known as a separatist, and leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra.

He is known for making engaging and controversial posts on issues relating to Nigeria via his social media accounts.

Few hours ago, Nnamdi Kanu made a very controversial post about what Wole Soyinka said sometimes last year, and this has caused mixed reactions.

According to his tweet, he said that Wole Soyinka was close to the truth when Wole Soyinka said this: It’ s madness to think Nigeria will work.

He went on to say that, in his words, The truth is this: If you believe in #OneNigeria, you’ re DANGEROUS; more dangerous than NIGERIA is. As I have always said, only a mad man will ever consider himself a Nigerian.

After he made this post, they were alot of mixed reactions. So i picked out one reaction against Nnamdi Kanu’ s opinion, the young man who replied him is named; Umar Saha, according to his Twitter handle.

He replied Nnamdi Kanu saying; in his words, You will also die as Ojukwu died not succeeding biafra, you have to come out freely and speak for ur people not hiding in another country struggling for something that you know is impossible to be.

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He went on to say, Stop ranting for freedom in twitter come out mr man and fight for ur Right.

See how other Social media users reacted what Nnamdi Kanu said below:

Who is nnamdi kanu?

Nnamdi Okwu Kanu (born 25 September 1967) is a British Nigerian Biafra political activist. He is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The main aim of IPOB is to create an independent state for the people of old Eastern Region of Nigeria through referendum. Kanu is the director of a UK registered radio station named Radio Biafra. Kanu was arrested on treason charges in Lagos, Nigeria on 14 October 2015 and was detained for more than a year, despite various court orders that ruled for his release.

When in court, Kanu appeared regularly wearing a Jewish prayer shawl and head covering. He said in court, that he ” believes in Judaism” and considers himself a Jew and oftentimes has led his Biafran people to various Jewish prayers and religious observations. On 28 April 2017, Kanu was released from prison on bail

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