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You Talked And Everybody Is Clapping For You, Do You Have 50 Million Weapons To Arm Them?— FFK Asks (Details below)



During the Bola Ahmed Tinubu Annual Colloquium Lecture which held at Kano yesterday in commemoration of his 69th birthday, Tinubu made a statement which has set social media on an aqua of disillusionment as internet users trail the politician’s speech with divers of clashing arguments.

According to Tinubu, it is true that youths are angry and unemployment is ravaging Nigeria like a thunder storm. But if the government recruits about 50 million of them into the Arm Forces, unemployment will be solved.

Shortly after Bola Ahmed Tinubu suggested that about 50 Million youths should be recruited into the Nigerian Army to solve unemployment crisis in Nigeria, Nigerians have begin to take their turns and swipes on and at him.

In his own commentary, FFK, Fani-Kayode asked Tinubu series of questions about his suggestion.

According to him, “you have asked 50 Million youths to be recruited into the Nigeria Armed Forces and sadly everyone is clapping for you. Do you have 50 million weapons to give them or do you expect them to fight with sticks and stones? Do you have hundreds of millions of Dollars to pay them or will they fight for free?”

Amongst other questions, FFK also asked if Nigeria has the capability to take care of them, feed them and sponsor their hospital bills.

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To him, it is not the number of soldiers that matters but their professionalism, ability, weapons and support from the government.

In my opinion, FFK has said my mind. More so, when politicians make promises, they should be wary of implausible campaign manifestos that can ruin their candidacy, Nigerians are now inclined. They have learnt their lessons and evil will not repeat itself.