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WOW! See Why Police Are Constantly Picking Out Yahoo Boys Easily (Details below)



Yahoo has become the other of the day in our present society today as many youths of this days do not bother to comprehend handwork or trade anymore every youth want to be pertained to in internet fraud only a rare with good upbringing from godly homes have not broken from the right path

This had occurred to many drop out from school for Yahoo Yahoo is very time talking and need more of their time than there could offer to education this trend has brought about a lot of horrible fame to our nation dye to reports from international bodies which have prompted a lot of work for the police and other law enforcement agencies in Nigeria

As it is now involving innocent people in the society since it is a common trend now as police are always searching people’ s phone on the road and most innocent people fall victim alongside this and a lot of people disagree this is it some Yahoo boys are known for their reckless way of dressing hairstyle and mostly tattoo

Like we all know you have to dress the way you want to be addressed they have a trending style of dressing

Like very rugged rough jeans wear and many like to wear Dread Lock hairstyle according to statistics that’ s is why when a policeman at an inspection point stop a car or Keke and see such style they like to take out time to search them sure they are doing their job and when you are not cleared with them via clarifying your self.

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You may end up paying for what you don’ t know another way to find yourself in trouble is joining some groups in WhatsApp and some different platforms we some can of pictures and post but you just don’ t understand what it was meant for and some of this files stay right there in your phone gallery and most of them can be implications to yourself. Because it has been told that many boys arrested as also been a result of the careless setting of files in their phone to always avoid be mistaken a Yahoo boy do not dress as one dress now in a simple and presentable style that will command respect from other. because the first impression matters a lot.

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