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‘Witch’ Beaten Like a Squirrel After She Clashed – Land in Mzansi Man’s Garage (Photos below)



A disheartening video is currently trending on social media captures a supposed witch being terrorized after she clashed-land in Mzansi man’s garage.

The video has evoked outrage among social media users who disapprove of the way the alleged witch was treated by the two men who caught her.

The woman dressed in sangoma attire, claimed she was chased by people who wanted to shoot her, therefore ran into the yard hiding underneath the car with the hope of keeping safe.

People staying in the yard didn’t seem to buy her story and felt she was there to cause harm to the family.

“I’m sitting here because there were people chasing and wanting to shoot me. I’m sorry, no one sent me, I can even give you my numbers for surety,” said the woman.

The two men who busted her didn’t seem to buy her story and the other one called a woman and explained the situation to her.

“We found a woman squatting near the car here, we don’t know her or what she wants but we should probably just burn her,” said the one guy.

The men whose face remain hidden through out the video can then be seen throwing objects at the woman. Towards the end of the video, they even spit on her and poke her with a beer bottle.

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Twitter was divided with reactions and many people suggested the woman might have been sleep walking. Some suggested she is the cause of many problems and deserved how she was treated.

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