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What These SS1 Female Students Were Caught Doing In School (Photos below)



The kind of attitudes and behaviour that is being perpetuated by our secondary school student nowadays is nothing to write home about. The immoral and indecent attitude is mostly done by female students.

You will see secondary school female students involving and engaging in all sorts of immortality right inside the school premises some even go as far as exhibiting this bad behaviour in the classroom.

In a video that was uploaded on the Twitter social media platform, these set of Ss1 female students were caught dancing immorally inside the school premises not even outside the school but inside the school.

The immoral attitude of these students simply shows how rotten our educational sector has become. These students were seen dancing so immorally with loud music to accompany their bad behaviour.

The school environment is a place for learning and inculcating good ethics and moral behaviour into our children but these days the opposite is the case.