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What Is Christianity Turning into? See What a Pastor Was Caught Doing to His Church Members (Photos below)



Frankly speaking, I will say that the manner at which some Men of GOD in Ghana, is going about with the way they worship GOD is becoming a thing of big concern, that even the government should start looking into some doctrines of some Church. Several times have I asked myself if the Bible that, we the church members of various denominations of respective churches in Ghana make use of, is also the same as the ones that our clergymen make use of. Or is that they own Bible is totally different from our own. My prayer is that the Church will completely be revived so that, Christ will continually reign in our hearts.

I was strolling down the internet just this morning, when I came across some disheartening and discomforting pictures, of where a supposed Man of GOD was caught of Camera, doing what was never written in the scriptures of the Bible. And I have wondered why such a cleric will stoop so low to commit such act before his church members.

A popular Ghanaian Pastor whose name was given as Bishop Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah, who is also known as Ajagurajah. Is said to be the General overseer and the founder of Universal Spiritual outreach, which is popular known as Ajagurajah movement in Ghana. But it is surprising to note that all the things that Ajagurajah does, are totally strange judging from the fact that Ajagura, is the name of an Angel, and Jah itself is GOD. So when the two names are joined together, it forms the word Ajagurajah, which means Warrior of the most high GOD.

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One the things that is expected from a man of GOD, is for him to lead by example and not do things that will contradict the teachings of the Holy book. The pastor was actually caught on camera, where he was bathing his church members, and tagged it spiritual cleaning for the New Year.

They are many ways that the spirit of GOD can actually work and direct the spiritual fathers. And that are through visions, dream or through a still voice. But anything out from this three things, is completely not from GOD.

Just as we Christians needs divine intervention and protection from GOD, Pastors are expected to preserve their church members with their spiritual gifts. But Bishop Ajagurajah chose to take his own procedure to another dimension.

Below are the pictures of what a Ghanaian Popular Pastor was Caught doing to his church members:

What is your observation over this. Was he wrong or do you think that it was GOD that Gave him the direction?