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What Is ‘C0nd0m’ Doing In Your Bag? Teacher Asking Jss3 Student (Photos below)



In a very funny but thought-provoking manner, the high rate through which educational institutions is fallen in Nigeria is quite worrisome and needs serious attention. There has then been a question of who to blame for the educational rots, the teachers? The students? Or even the parents? Who exactly is to blame?

In a viral video where a teacher found out that one of his students is carrying around a substance that should not be found with her as a secondary school student.

The video is looking disheartening in two instances, how the teacher is flogging the student in a merciless and embarrassed way and what purpose or usefulness is the sexual protection substance is to the students for carrying it around her bag.

The voice of the man can be heard from the video where he is asking the girl what the purpose of that thing is.

The video has generated series of reactions but is the teacher right or wrong for the punishment or the student is right for the item she was been punished with.

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