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UNBELIEVABLE! See What This Woman And Her Boyfriend Did To Her Husband After He Caught Her Cheating (Details below)



A man has been beaten to death by his wife after he caught her with another man making love in his home.

The incident happened in Adikpe Gabu in Yala Local Government of Cross River State when the man, Amiki Ugbada, returned home at night and met his wife, Comfort in the comfort of another man’s arms.

According to villagers who witnessed the incident, on the fateful day, Ugbada was to travel to Ikom, another local government about 80 kilometres from Gabu, to collect a loan from the First City Monument Bank, FCMB, to celebrate the new yam festival.

However, he could not make the trip and decided to go to a bar to have some drinks with his friend. After that, he decided to return home late in the night.

Thinking that her husband had travelled, Comfort allegedly invited her male lover to her matrimonial home for love making only for them to be caught in the act when her husband returned.

“When the man got home he knocked and knocked but his wife would not open the door. The man forced the door open and he was stunned when he saw his best friend with his wife. A fight ensued and the woman and her lover teamed up to give Ugbada a beating that eventually claimed his life,” said a source.

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His death has now become a problem for members of the community as the police have started arresting people arbitrarily.

According to Mr Mathias Oko, one of the villagers who was a journalist with Lagos-based Newswatch magazine, the people are now hiding as the police arrest anybody they see in the village.

“Even our chief was arrested and I had to bail him. Since his release, the sight of any strange person in the community makes the man run into the bush.”

At Okpoma, the Divisional Police Officer who would not comment on the killing said: “ Your people are very strange. If any crime takes place, the chief collects goats, yams, and money and claims to settle it. You can imagine them accepting a goat and N50,000 from the woman and deciding to bury the man. But we know that this is a case of murder.”

The DPO said if the police had not intervened, Ugbada would have been buried.

“Even the son, who was there that night, knew that his mother killed his father, but he would not talk as the elders and chiefs have decided that anyone who talks would be sanctioned.”

Meanwhile, the community is like a ghost town now as most people have fled into the bush to avoid being arrested.

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