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Twitter influencer, Biyi gets called out for domestic violence, But Nigerians are focused on his toilet… See why(video)



Nigerian lady identified as Sabena has accused her Twitter influencer boyfriend, Biyi Nifemi of domestic violence..

The incident reportedly happened in Biyi’s house during a misunderstanding. The video of Sabena crying has gone viral on Twitter as the she shows how her frontal wig was pulled out of her head..

However, Biyi has denied beating Sabena and has also accused her of domestic abuse and violent. He also shared photos of his battered face on social media while vowing to pursue the case..

In a statement released on his Twitter page, Biyi vowed to report the case to the police, as he accused his girlfriend of provocation.

He tweeted; “I’ve escalated to the police and will pursue this case to every length. My being a man doesn’t mean you should strike, hit , abuse and provoke me. I feel pain too. I have been nothing but good to you!”

Biyi serving an update wrote;

I was recently involved in a domestic abuse situation and truthfully, it has been one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life.

As much as I’ll like to keep a lot of details about my relationship private for now,

I’ll like to state that what may come off as me laying my hands on Bena was nothing but self defense. I was trapped and physically violated in a corner of my home because I ended my relationship with Bena.

I was beaten and hit with things she could easily find.

I didn’t react at first because I never wanted to be that guy that I drag and curse everyday for perpetuating violence. I held my peace until I was sure that if I didn’t find a way out of that situation, I would lose my life or be severely hurt.

I was on the visitor’s toilet seat when she came in and shoved me. The push she gave me sent me crashing back into the toilet seat and the result is in the picture below. It was all in this confined space that everything took place..

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It’s sad that people are now judging me for saving myself from what could have been a homicide and trust me, if I wasn’t the person involved in this situation, I would make my conclusion and call me all sorts of names because overtime, men have proven to be such.

I am very much aware that anything I say would be dissected and scrutinized and my words would make meaning differently to different people but regardless, I want everyone to know that I did my best to avoid this situation from turning out this way.

In all these, the only thing I am truly sorry for is not walking away when I sensed that I was going to be violated. That would have been the easiest thing to do but I trusted Bena too much.

She went that far because she knew the kind of man I am – a man that would rather eat sand than lay his hands on another human being.

I’ll like to apologize to everyone that must have been disappointed by this incidence and I hope that the truth reveals itself someday soon.

That’s all I’ll say on this for now.

Thank you.

On Sabena’s part, sharing her story, she wrote;

“I never in my life thought I’d be a victim of domestic violence . We had a misunderstanding this morning and I was even still trying to make amends as it should be in a relationship, but instead my supposed boyfriend chose to be violent. he pushed me away and I pushed him back.”

that’s all I remembered before he started landing slaps, punches on face.. I fell down with my hair bonnet over my face blinding me and he kept on beating me, I tried to remove the blindfold so I could find my way out, he dragged me into the toilet and was strangling me against

the WC till it broke , I had to pull his shirt and I was using my hands so he wouldn’t kill me , he kept slapping me until his neighbors had to come and rescue me. You put out a tweet in defense to my tweet which they coerced me into deleting at the station claiming I hit you

you had to defend yourself you went on to the police station after you saw my tweet to report a case that you were physically assaulted. how manipulative can you get?You abused me physically and then followed it with bullying me with the police and further emotionally abusing me

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But Nigerians were more bothered about the sanity of his toilet, See reactions gathered by from twitters users below ;

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