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Try Not To Laugh As You Go Through These Hilarious Photos For Fun (Photos below)



All work no play make Jack a dull boy and when Jack becomes a dull boy, he becomes a boring boy. To quench the boredom, I’ve gathered some hilarious photos just for you. Get ready to laugh yourself to the full as you go through these photos.

1. I heard funds were raised to save the engine of this after carrying the weight of an entire community.

2. They wanted to travel without him so he acted smartly and pretended to be a traveling bag. How would you rate his creativity?

3. He was trying to correct the error made by the school for calling it a mouse and he ended up calling it an elephant instead of an antelope.

4. This is a perfect way of sharing your relationship 50/50 between both wives.

5. And this young lady scored a clean goal, see the facial expression of her dad, only those who have been there would understand the pain.

6. When they make you the secretary in one of Dangote’s cement depot and you want to prove your worth.

7. Could he be Nigeria’s version of Superman?

8. Rare photo of a man practicing how to deny pregnancy.

8. The baby is feeling motivated to do the impossible.

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9. She’s just trying to be a kind lady.

10. I wonder who could own this large size of underwear.

11. This artist is about to get into serious trouble.

12. The facial expression of the dog got me laughing.

13. Should we call this wickedness or oppression?

14. I’ve never seen a car named “toyota”.

15. Now that you’ve laughed to your satisfaction, may laughter never cease from your mouth, and may all your problems convert into cash, claim it with an Amen if you believe.

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