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This Pictures Are Not Photoshoped, These Men Jump Higher And Higher Until They Attract Females Of Their Choice (Photos below)



They are so many things men do just to attract love and to woo their female counterpart, but of all the things that you can do as a man to attract a lady, have you ever thought of literally jumping your way into love. Yes you heard me right you jump your way into love. There is a tribe somewhere in Africa where men jump, jump and jump as high as they possibly can until they impress a female of their tribe.

To be specific men of the Maasai tribe who can be found in southern Kenya are known for their warrior lifestyle and their extensive bodily adornment. Boy’ s of this tribe are brought up together as ” Morani” . The Morani are known as junior warriors. The Maasai tribe celebrate the coming of age of this young warriors with a couple of activities, These activities begins with the circumcision of the Morani’ s and ends with the competitive ” Adumu” dance, which literally involves the young men jumping up and down.

The ” Adamu” dance which is affectionately refereed to as the ” Jumping dance” . This dance is impressive not only because of it’ s energy, but also because of it’ s deceptively simple appearance. Although while watching the Maasai do the dance, they make it look easy, however you’ ll only get to realize how hard this jumping dance truly is when it’ s your turn to jump. The Morani are made to live together for 10 years in the ” Emanyatta” (the warriors camp).

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During this time at the Emanyatta the Morani’ s learn a couple of skills which includes how to take care of their animals and how to protect their family, and also how to carry out their obligations as a Maasai warrior.

The ” Adamu” may look ordinary and fun but it carriesa deeper meaning. It is a sort of mating dance, and a means for the young warriors to show off their stamina, strength and also attract a bride. The Eunoto not only marks a change in the young warriors status, but it also signifies that he is now eligible for marriage. The young warriors form a circle and the young warriors take turns to demonstrate their strength, skill, and stamina.

Each warrior jump as high as they possibly can heels never touching the ground until they tire out and exit the stage. The more graceful and higher the jump is the appealing the warrioris to the eligible young women watching.