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This Is The Reason Police Are Being Attacked By Igbo (Details below)



More recently, there has been an increase in police attacks in the Igbo region of southeastern Nigeria.

Although the country suffers from security problems such as kidnappings and thieves, etc. especially in the north, a new trend is beginning to emerge in the south.

The attackers, whose identities are still unknown, were in the states of Abia, Imo, Ebonyi, Imo, and Anambra.

Even last Monday, reports emerged that some armed men had attacked a police station in Imo state.

Reports say the attack took place at the police headquarters in the Isiala Mbano area of Umuelemai, where a police officer said the attackers injured a police officer and burned some useful documents.

He explained that they had gone through the office’ s firearms warehouse and that if they had not found a single weapon they would have seized the documents.

Even in Imo state alone, this is the second attack in less than a month against police officers.

Also in Abia state, gunmen killed several police officers in the Ohafia local government area of Abia state on Monday, The reported.

This time, the police were searching cars on the street when gunmen attacked them and confiscated their rifles in Abiriba.

These attacks appear to be common in southern Nigeria.

How do the experts see the situation?

Professor Muhammad Kabir Isa from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, a Nigerian security expert, said the cause was nothing more than negligence on the part of the Nigerian police.

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He said the government was focusing more on other security forces than on the police.

“In Nigeria, the government is more concerned about the Anti- Corruption Commission than the police force, not long ago. Previous governments have also ignored the police.

“And we see the consequences, so they can’ t do anything until the attackers can’ t defend themselves, ” he said.

He said such acts of arms theft were unprecedented in Nigeria, a trend similar to that of Boko Haram when it began operations in northeastern Nigeria.

Professor Muhammad Kabir said they speculated that the attacks were carried out by members of the separatist IPOB.

He said the group had long planned to separate from Nigeria and that the attacks on the police and the theft of their weapons were a show of force.

He said the government must crack down and fight them wherever they are before waging a war that will overwhelm the country.

“I can also say that the government is late, because it was done early. What still remains in Nigeria is the issue of intelligence. National security cannot be achieved without intelligence, ” he said.

He says that any country that feels self- sufficient in security has intelligence at home and abroad.

Similarly, Professor Muhammad Kabir said that the reason they were so brave was to attack the police to the point of killing them or burning their office because they knew that the police officers were incompetent at their job.

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“There are police officers who have been on duty for a long time but have never received any special training. That alone is enough to affect security in this country, ” he said.

He said that Nigerian security forces were underpaid and underpaid.

He said that corruption is also one of the main causes of insecurity in Nigeria.

He said that if the government fixed these problems, it could be a nosebleed.

Nigeria has long been plagued with security problems, but the situation is getting worse.

Security experts say that within a few years, the country could be in a state of crisis, especially as there are divisions between the people, Southerners and Northerners.

President Muhammadu Buhari has taken a number of steps to address security problems in the country, such as replacing the security forces and claiming that he spends money on weapons. But some locals say that is not enough.

There are still cases of kidnapping, robbery and kidnapping of students by groups to demand ransom.

Now that this new style of attacking the police, what is the government’ s approach to tackling the problem head- on?