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The World Is Coming To An End! See What These Children Were Found Doing (Photos below)



We are living in an end of time. The things that are going on this days you will believe that the world is coming to an end. Let us hope that when God comes to earth he will take us all to heaven. It is sad because we are living in a society where everything is complicated. Anything is possible and there is nothing that we can do stop all this.

Sometimes the life that we are living in front of our children is causing so much frustration in our children. This days there are lot of gender base violence. Parents no longer respect their children. They argue in front of them. A man beat his wife in front of his children. They grow up damaged and they end up living a miserable life because of their parents.

This days parents no longer respect their children. They drink alcohol in front of them. They copy everything that their parents are doing. It is sad indeed that things have turned out to be worst. The children are now copying what their parents are doing. No one has to blame anyone but themselves. As a parent how can you drink alcohol in front of your children?. What are you teaching them?.

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They will never respect you or listen to anything that you will tell them. Children were found drinking alcohol and it is a disgrace to see such young kids drinking alcohol.

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