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The Story Of The Liberian Warlord, Who Turned To Christ After Killing Many Liberian (Details below)



Liberians will never rush to forget General Joshua Blahyi without wasting words. He is one of the most notorious leaders Africa has ever produced. He murdered over 20, 000 people and engaged in cannibalism. Let’s look at the story of General Butt as he was lovingly called and how he gave his life to Christ

General Joshua was born on September 17, 1971 in what is now Liberia. His upbringing played a crucial role in his life. He was born as a little boy of 11 years into the Krahn tribe in Liberia and was initiated as a priest of the Krahn people. A young girl of about 9 years was sacrificed to share her experiences. General Joshua Blahyi said he communicated with the devil often. He said the devil had assured him that he would make him the greatest man. In Liberia, his journey of perpetual blood sacrifice began when he kept sacrificing people to him

General Blahyi tries to stab an opponent in the state capital Monrovia

General Joshua was called General Butt, a lot of people have wondered why he was called that but the reason is that he always fights naked with his boots and guns when he wants to fight as he firmly believes that his nakedness is serves to protect it

One thing that made many people dislike General Blahyi was his use of child soldiers. He forcibly recruited child soldiers and fed them all sorts of lies to initiate and confess his sins after hugging God. General Joshua said that it was a ritual for him to kill a child before going to war. He said the children he killed were usually 3- 12 years old. He would eat their body parts with his child soldier and drink their blood. He let the child soldier see these rituals as usual

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How did General Joshua get so powerful in Liberia?

In 1980, General Joshua, the Krahn tribe in which the general descended from the takeover of power in a military coup with Samuel Doe as head of state as the high priest of the Krahn people, was charged with the task of protecting the head’ s life at all times, he makes sacrifices for the head of state. Because of his position, he was very close to the head of state, so he was drunk with power. He wasted no time killing Samuel Doe’ s supposed enemies

Samuel Doe after coming to power as head of state of Liberia

Despite the enormous sacrifices Blahyi made on behalf of Samuel Doe, he was removed from office in the most humiliating way, he was stripped naked and filmed with his ears and fingers cut off, Samuel’ s death had affected him very much, this is a clear one Indication that Voodoo doesn’ t pay

After the death of Samuel Doe, the general still refused to lie low, the number of his soldiers increased, even more, it was as if the death of Samuel had brought forth the beast in him, he believes the opposing tribes of the The Krahn people had been killed by Samuel, so he released his poison on them, he would storm their homes at night, pull them out at night and behead them, he would burn their homes and rape their women, he did so with ruthless devotion who did it dared to stop him. He has reportedly murdered over 25, 000 people; in addition to recruiting child soldiers, he was also accused of overdosing on cocaine to make the children high

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How he met Christ

He was preparing for another round of murders when he met Christ. After performing his ritual of sacrificing a little girl, he asked his boys to bring him water to wash the blood from his hands. At that moment, when God visited him, he said he remembered the exact words that God said to him that day: ” Repent and live, carry on and die, ” he said like ice, these words hit his heart and when his boys returned, he told them that that day they will not fight for exactly that time, fear hit him, the fearless became afraid

Today he has a ministry that he leads in Liberia, he has confessed to his numerous crimes and accepted Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. He said he has visited most of his victims’ families to seek their forgiveness, in addition to leading a ministry he is doing humanitarian work in Liberia telling whoever wants to listen that he is a changed man. He may have repented, but the scars he left on the hearts of the families of those he murdered are still there

This is a perfect example of afterlife medicine. After killing thousands, ask for forgiveness. Will God forgive this? Let’ s hear your thoughts below, but also remember to follow this page for more updates