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The Fight Against Tinubu By The Cabals And EFCC Is Simply Because Of Tinubu’s 2023 Ambition (Details below)



Look at the messy and sneaky corruption fight in Nigeria. Before now, and all because of GMB ambition, BAT’ s sins were forgiven. And suddenly, simply because of 2023 BAT’ s ambition, his cans of worms are about to be opened. Anyway, he got what he deserved.

I have predicted he will fail, fall, and be disgraced like Adams Oshiomole. I said it here severally, that BAT will never rule Nigeria but some sycophants say he is wiser than all in the game of politics. Someone even said he can enthrone himself.

The almighty Malami and small Bawa will teach him some bitter lessons of his life. The truth of this matter is that even if this EFCC trial failed to nail him, BAT will never rule Nigeria and the northern power brokers will not handover power to him. Just like I said before, he has had his cake and ate it already.

He has got to the peak of his political journey. He will exit the political corridor on or before 2023 with GMB. The process to exit and retire him forcefully has been planned and activated. The rest will be a very sorry story for BAT.

Some people from a particular region of the country are really in big trouble, all that makes them kick is any negative remark about BAT, they are likely to remain sad (though unnecessary) for a very long time.

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Tinubu was deliberately probed when he was playing politics of the opposition OBJ was all out against him, today the rest is history. Any probe this time is only going to make Tinubu more popular, cleansed, and acceptable in society, nothing special here.

The Fulani oligarchy has used Tinubu and dumped him. This probe lends credence to what FFK wrote about Tinubu in January where he specifically mentioned this probe and the plan by the Fulani- led govt to rubbish anything Tinubu before 2023. What a lesson to SW leaders who are still licking Buhari’ s boot thinking they would curry his favor.

The Fulani man is cunning, wicked, and cannot be trusted. Anyways, if this is one way God wants to deliver Lagos from Tinubu’ s hands, so let it be. His daughter just lost a court case and the power of the Tinubu dynasty is gradually waning.