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The Die Is Cast! Yoruba Social Media Influencer Fearlessly Declares Himself A Tribalist In Alignment With His Kinsmen’s Agitation For A Sovereign Nation (Details below)



The die is cast and it looks like there is no going back for the Yorubas in the quest for a sovereign nation. A social media influencer who goes by the name, Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo, of Yoruba extraction emboldened by the latest agitation of his kinsmen, has thrown caution to the wind to declare himself a tribalist. Read his pronouncements to this regard below.


Tribalism is defined according to Oxford English dictionary as the act of having strong loyalty to one’ s root and culture. How this has become evil within the contraption called Nigeria baffles me.

While other ethnic groups are using government positions to favor their kinsmen and ethnic groups, time and time again, some educated illiterates in Yorubaland want to turn Yorubaland into refugee center in the name of humanity. They are advocating that we accommodate those who want us destroyed politically and economically.

I am Yoruba first and last and I am a tribalist at that. I believe in the self determination rights of the Yoruba nation as a race and a sovereign state. I am a tribalist because I believe that traditional institutions in Yorubaland should be respected and preserved.

I am a tribalist because I want the Yoruba nation and the Yoruba space to become the best in Africa and the world. I am a tribalist because I love my people and Yorubaland first and foremost.

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I am a tribalist not because I hate other people or other ethnic groups but because I practice self preservation and unbridled love for the Yoruba race first and last.

I am a tribalist because I want anybody who calls Yorubaland no man’ s land to be treated like a leper and a common thief. I am a tribalist because I want the Yoruba race to survive the dungeon called Nigeria.

I am a tribalist because I believe that all government jobs in Yorubaland must be dominated and given to Yoruba citizens first and foremost.

I am a tribalist because I believe that it is total injustice to use the crude oil revenue from rivers and Bayelsa to develop any part of Yorubaland. The crude oil of Bayelsa belongs to the Ijaws first and last.

I am a tribalist because I believe that the mineral resources and the tax revenues in Yorubaland should be used to develop Yorubaland first and last.

I am a tribalist who believes that all political positions in Yorubaland must be controlled by Yoruba people first and last.

I am a tribalist who believes in the law of Moses, any evil that is perpetrated against the Yoruba race must be returned in multiple folds.

I am a tribalist, I believe that the economic power of Yorubaland must be controlled only by Yoruba people.

If what I have written above is giving you a mental episode kindly get a rope and do justice to yourself.

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I am a tribalist and a proud one at that.

What about you?

Think Yoruba first, Think Yoruba second, Think Yoruba. . . . . . . . . last

Aare Kurunmi Kakanfo”