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Sunday Igboho Is A Real Hero, This Is The Powerful Man Who Should Have Been Doing What He Is Currently Doing (Details below)



Within all that is going on right now I can undoubtedly say that Sunday Igboho is a hero, he has surely gained this status through the way he has taken the fight against the killer Fulani herdsmen who have been ravaging many states in the west for some years now and through this process he has put his life on the line, just few days a video surfaced on social media where Sunday Igboho was seen shirtless on the highway, as it was an alleged attempt to arrest him, but it was eventually foiled, we should not forget he is a family man snd also a businessman, but he chooses to come out to the street to lead the the fight against this menace.

Sunday Igboho has even publicly stated several times that he can’ t sit down and see the western states being set ablaze by these heartless herdsmen. Sunday is a very caring man who should be highly regarded by the Yoruba communities, he is wealthy and a man of influence and he is not just doing this to get money or fame, it’ s evident that all he wants is to put an end to the heartless killings that have been happening to the yoruba people.

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Why I said that Sunday Igboho is a hero, is that he is doing the job which should be meant for someone else, what he is currently doing should have been done than no other than the Aare- Ona Kakanfo of the Yoruba land in person of Chief Gani Adams.

Chief G. Adams was given the title of Aare- Ona kakanfo on January of 2017 by the Alaafin of Oyo, a title which can be regarded as a generalissimo that is ” a war leader” , Gani Adams should be expected to be the leading force when the Yoruba race is under attack from any intruders, he is also expected to be the major mouthpiece of the Yoruba people, amongst many other functions, but Aare has chosen to be silent about this whole situation.

Sunday Igboho with his numerous actions has taken the mantle of the Aare- Ona Kakanfo, he has been seen doing what Chief Gani Adams should have been doing, for this reason, we all need to fully support Sunday Igboho from taking out these Fulani Herdsmen from the Yorubaland.