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SHOCKING: I Mistook him for a Mad Man When he Visited but I Cried Profusely After I Learnt who he was (Details below)



My name is Nneka Uche a proud daughter of an igbo man who resides in Oyo state. I learnt my lessons the hard way after a sad incident which happened to me cost me of my opportunity.

I graduated from the university of Nnamdi Azikiwe as a proficient banker, I make my own money and also posses whatever it takes to be a woman, but however something has been missing in my life, this very thing is what every successful woman would be glad and happy to have.

It’s been 5 years since I graduated and as I stated earlier I am banker who can provide a 3 adequate square meals a day, but as unfortunate as my life turned out to be, I don’t have a man to call my own, someone who could be of a husband to me, someone who will feel proud of having me as a wife.

My condition has caused me a lot of embarrassment and my parents on the other hand has been making serious inquiries so as to get a husband for me. Despite the fact that I don’t have a husband yet, it doesn’t mean that I will just throw myself to any man that comes my way, at least I have a taste.

However, it happened to me this very day, that I came back home suddenly to meet a man who appeared tattered and looked like a mad man. At first, I thought he might have opened the gate and entered from nowhere, as my parents are fond of leaving the gate open at times. But I observed something about him when I entered the house he was sitting on a chair just like a normal person but his appearance was what took me off.

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Many thoughts came to my mind at the same time as how can a mad man openly come into my house and even had the gut to sit of an expensive chair I bought with my money. I decided to break the silence and shouted at the mad man, I screamed and harassed him, and even threatened to call the police if he didn’t leave my house immediately.

As my voice and pitch increased, my parents who had now noticed that I am back and must be talking to the man, came out running towards us, but one thing was strange about the whole situation, the mad man never talked or moved while I was raining the abuses on him, he just sat their and was moving his head in way which signals disappointment.

Before I could proceed to take action, my parents had already come to the aid of the mad man, this one was what made me really angry, my thoughts was how could they run to shield a mad man first instead of me their own daughter. Their and then, my father broke the silence as his anger now seem to have increased more than mine. He said that this is the reason why I will never get married, at this time he said that the man whom I had regarded as a mad man was actually my suitor, this was when I regained my senses.

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While I was trying to wrap my head together, the man who had felt disappointed already, left with anger, as if that was not enough I saw him enter the jeep which was parked beside our gate, and everything returned to me immediately, “he wasn’t a mad man but a wealthy man in disguise of a mad man”.

I cried profusely and refused to be consoled, he was actually meant for me but he has gone now and I never knew if he would find the heart to return back again. Since then my heart hasn’t healed from the injury I caused myself because he never returned.