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RITUALIST: Lady Stabbed Three Men And Then Drank Their Blood Like A Vampire (Details below)



A young lady has been arrested after she stabbed three men and then sucked their blood.

Margaret Wambui Wangari has been accused of fatally stabbing one man to death and severly injuring two others during an assault in Kahawa West, Nairobi.

This incidence occurred after a fight erupted between Margaret Wambui Wangari, who had a kitchen knife in her possession, and a man who was apparently her boyfriend, according to police investigators.

After two men tried to intervene and separate the couple, Wangari is believed to have stabbed them, before allegedly proceeding to “suck the blood from open stab wounds sustained by the three victims”.

The country’s Directorate of Criminal Investigations said three men were fighting over the woman before she pulled out a sharp object and stabbed one of the victims in the ear.

“Passers-by found the suspect sucking blood from open stab wounds sustained by the three victims,” police said, according to Nation.

And cops saved Wangari from a furious mob of onlookers who took matters into their own hands and started stoning her.

“Officers rushed to the scene, just as outraged members of the public were about to lynch the suspect, who had further inflicted a serious cut at a second man’s forehead,” police said in a statement.

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The two remaining survivors, who were left unconscious, were rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi where they were treated for serious injuries to their neck and chest.

The suspect remains in custody on suspicion of murder as officers continue to piece together the evidence.

Jungle justice is anything but just. It is a form of mob rule in which people take the law into their own hands and punish alleged offenders for perceived heinous crimes. Jungle justice is also referred to as mob or street justice and can lead to extra-judicial killing.

The victims are deprived of rights to which everyone is entitled under the rule of law. Punishment is normally barbaric, usually involving stoning or burning of the unfortunate individuals in a public place.

Cameroon and Nigeria are said to have the highest rate of jungle justice in Africa.

Jungle justice has not reduced crime in Africa but has rather multiplied the number of human right abuses in the continent. “We need proper education and enlightenment for the people to tell them of the consequence of using extra-judicial measures when an individual has not been convicted by a properly constituted court of law,”.

African institutions need to counter the negative perceptions that surround them and show that they are there to address the issues of all citizens. “Then we can see eradication” of jungle justice.

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Most Africans yearn for a society which is just and fair; a place in which everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Governments must act to end jungle justice which has already taken the lives of so many innocent citizens.

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