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RIGHT OR WRONG: Look At What This Man Was Doing For His Wife That got People Talking (Photos below)



Right Or Wrong: Look At What This Man Was Doing For His Wife That got People Talking.

Love is a beautiful thing especially when you are with the right partner. A man and a woman are bound to fall in love with each other, which sometimes leads to marriage and sometimes it doesn’t.

A picture of a man has been causing lots of reactions online after it was posted. In the picture, a man ans a wife could be seen walking beside together.

They seem to be going home, maybe coming from a market or from somewhere. What amazed lots of people was that, the man was backing a baby on his back, tying a wrapper just like a mother does. He was also carrying another baby on his shoulder with one hand, and a suitcase with the other.

The funny part of it is that the woman is only carrying a sack of bag, walking beside the man.

This picture has made so many people to react, giving their opinion on whether it’s right for a man to do that or not. While some said there’s nothing wrong with it, some said it’s very wrong for a man to do such a thing.

See people’s comments below.

In your own opinion, is this right or wrong? Lets hear your thoughts.

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What can you say to this?