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Prominent Pastor Reveals Why He Applied Anointing Oil to Woman’s Private Parts And Breast (Details below)



A Nigerian pastor known as Jeffery Ihievu has been arrested by the Edo State Police Command over indecent touching of the private parts of a pregnant woman.

According to a report by, it was gathered that the pregnant had gone to visit the pastor to complain about bad dreams she has been having since her pregnancy started.Pastor Jeffery Ihievu then told the woman she needed deliverance in order to stop the bad dreams from re-occurring so she asked her to undress herself then he applied the anointing oil on her private part and breast.

The woman reported the incident to her husband after she claimed she could no longer feel the baby moving in her belly and subsequently reported it to the Edo State police in Beni City which led to the arrest of the pastor.

Speaking to Standard Gazette in an interview, Pastor Ihievu said he applied anointing oil on the woman’s private parts for deliverance purpose.

“I actually did it for deliverance purpose and nothing more. She complained to me of her situation, and l took her to my office where l used the anointing oil on her private part, and l do not mean harm.

Her husband even brought thugs to attack me at home.” he said.

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