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PAINFUL: See How Lagos Driver Allegedly Killed A LASTMA Officer For Taking His Car (Details below)



LASTMA’ s headquarters confirms in a new press release that an angry Lagos driver allegedly killed one of its officials. Read here the report! Read here!

It is so devastating to read the new statement from LASTMA headquarters that confirms that a certain Lagos commercial bus driver recently murdered one of his officials, whose vehicle the agency imposed on him.

According to the agency’ s public statement, this sad incident took place on Tuesday, 16 March and the deceased LASTMA officer is also recognized as Obasu Segun Godwin.

LASTMA officers in Lakes

In a new LASTMA public statement, an angry Lagos bus driver recently killed one of its officials.

According to LASTMA’ s official public statement, the deceased officer was assaulted on the street in Lagos State district of Anthony. Mr. Olajide Oduoye, LASTMA’ s General Manager, said that, along with his cohort, the commercial bus driver attacked two agency officials when they were going home after work. Adeniyi Hakeem and Obasu Segun Godwin were identified as the officials concerned (now deceased).

Mr. Oduoye revealed in his statement that the commercial bus driver ‘ Korope’ Suzuki minibus was taken by officials during the afternoon hours because it had violated certain Lagos traffic rules. Unfortunately, the commercial bus driver and his ” gang” attacked the LASTMA officials in the evening with machetes and some dangerous weapons. Obasu Segun Godwin is said to have lost his life after the attack, while Adeniyi Hakeem is currently in hospital, unconsciously fighting severe injuries.

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Below is a scanned copy of the official press release of LASTMA on this devastating event.

Scanned LASTMA copy- on- recent- assault- on- two officials- in- Lagos

Scanned (photo) copy of the official press statement by LASTMA boss concerning the recent attack on two of its officials

LASTMA officers’ safety and security in Lagos is gradually becoming a concern since a few weeks ago a representative of LASTMA was also allegedly knocked off a bridge by a rogue driver. See the viral video captured when the rogue Lagos driver almost killed police officers and LASTMA officers as he evaded arrest for a traffic violation.