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Nigerians Not Serious, They Don’t Know What is Coming, They Are Still Ignorant (Details below)



Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Dr Obadiah Mailafia, has warned that Nigerians are getting used to insecurities and constant assult by terrorists, he warned that more are to come.

He was shocked at the way Nigerians have accepted their fate, he said it will be unfortunate if Nigerians still cannot see the handwriting on the wall in the area of insecurity.

Obadiah alleged that the ongoing security challenges facing the country is the well thought out and properly organised assult by certain well placed individuals in the North, to take power away from the South. He continued in details.

He alleged that many of the bandits currently troubling the northern religion of the country, were originally Empowered to ensure former President Goodluck Jonathan by all means, shouldn’ t retain his seat beyond 2015 which they achieved.

In his words with Punch, he said, ” During the 2015 elections they brought in thousands of foreigners into this country, armed them because it was a case of if Goodluck Jonathan doesn’ t surrender, there will be civil war. They were ready for civil war; they were not ready for peace.

” Of course, Jonathan handed over to them and then they turned their backs on the hoodlums and the hoodlums said ‘ look, you brought us here and we are still here’ . ”

This might explain the open Visa gift given to our neighbour countries like Chad, Cameroon, Niger and others. This is however not the first time Mailafia is making this life threatening allegations against Northern authorities, in the country.

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He said, ” Some of us also have our intelligence networks. I have met with some of the bandits; we have met with most of their high commanders– one or two who have repented and pleased anonymity– they have sat down with us not once, not twice to tell us the real problems they have with the FG.

” They told us that one of the much respected northern governors is the commander in chief of Boko Haram in Nigeria. To clear most people’ s suspicion, they told us that Boko Haram and the bandits are one and the same. They have a sophisticated grid network.

” They were moving ammunition, moving money, and distributing them across different parts of the country at the heat of the lockdown. ” Mailafia also alleged that Boko Haram had already infiltrated southern Nigeria, that their plan was to ignite a second civil war in Nigeria.

Just to be clear about the source of this information, this man is former CBN deputy governor, who has PhD from Oxford University in the United Kingdom, so he is not the kind that will make spurious and unfounded allegations.

He added, ” They are already in the South, in the rain forests of the South. They are everywhere. They told us that when they finish these rural kiIIings, they will move to phase two. Phase two is that they will go into urban cities, going from house to house kiIIing prominent people. I can tell you this is the game plan.

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” By 2022, they want to start a civil war in Nigeria. Don’ t joke with what I am saying I have a PhD from Oxford University. I am a central banker, we don’ t talk nonsense. I have this from the highest authority, some of the commanders of Boko Haram, ” he added.

Due to the oil, he’ s sure there are some little trace of foreign powers who are behind the bandits and FG gross ‘ toyings’ with this boys.

” There are certain world powers that want to destroy our country. That is what I believe. There was a container load of weapons that were brought in from Turkey. Another time some were brought in from Iran. But nobody probed further and everything was swept under the carpet and that was the end of it, ” he said.

As we can see, obviously if we weigh what Mailafia just said, we can see visible lines that connects to the master plan of this bandits. What should we do as a nation because obviously, FG is playing politics with our lives.

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