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New Currencies For Oduduwa Republic Unveiled By Sunday Igboho That Caught Everyone Talking (Details below)



Sunday Igboho, one of the most prominent Yoruba activists, sparked outrage on social media after sharing a photo of the new Yoruba currency and a map of the Yoruba Nation; there were both critics and supporters of the move.

We will show you those pictures in this article and would like your feedback on them. Because these pictures are causing divisions among Nigerians, the government should investigate the situation before it gets out of hand.

You will agree with us that the reason for all of this is that Nigerians are unhappy with the country’ s current situation; we sincerely hope and pray that this division does not lead to a war that we will be unable to avoid. This demonstrates that Biafrans are no longer fighting alone; the Yorubas have now joined the war for independence.

See some reactions below.

“Mr heart is craving seriously to see the emacipation of my country (great Oduduwa republic. I love the new currency, flag, etc. kudos to you brother s in the front of struggle. there is hope. it may not result to blood letting if properly handled. Incase it result to war it would not be too bloody because Nigerian Army is already overstressed, they would have many enemies to confront (isis, Boko, bandits, fulanis & cows. Biafran, egbesus, Niger Delta front. then everything would be scatter scatter to our advantage. ”

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“Those looking for Oduduwa and Biafra Republic should be wise and avoid greed in order to succeed.

The old Midwest Region: Edo and Delta States cannot be wished away.

It was the only legitimate region created in Nigeria.

Who says that we cannot have our own country?

At worst, we will remain the Bride.

The dance steps of suitors Biafra and Oduduwa is what will swing the pendulum: not this piecemeal macabre dance in insolubility. ”

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