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“My Wife Gave Me Permission To Cheat As Long As I Don’t Impregnate The Woman”- Married Man Says



A Nigerian man identified on Twitter as @MrCharisma has disclosed that he has sought the approval of his wife to cheat, however, he is not supposed to get his side chicks pregnant..

Mr. Charisma’s comments comes after veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie in a viral video advised married women to put condoms in the suitcase of their husband when they suspect he is cheating as it will work on them psychologically and they will begin to think they have their interest at heart thereby making them feel guilty.

Pete Edochie said;

“Solomon had 1000 wives and 700 concubines. If a man decides to take many more wives, what are you going to do? Nothing. If you think your husband is going out to have an affair, put a packet of condoms in his bag. When he sees it, he’ll know you have his interest at heart,”

When Mr. Charisma was asked if he is down with her wife also having extra marital affairs, he said his wife is a housewife and does not have many friends so he is okay

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