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Man builds a Bugatti out of wood for his son, Rides the Car on the Road Alongside Real Cars in viral video



A father has wowed many on social media users with the stunning ride he made for his young son. The Vietnamese dad made what is a Bugatti Centodieci out of wooden materials and took it for a ride with his young son on the road. The viral video has stirred massive reactions with many describing it as a beautiful creation

Social media users have reacted to an emerging video of a dad riding a wooden car with his young son. Man constructs wooden ride for his young son, takes it for a ride.

The video which was shared on Facebook by Supercar Blondie has it that the man identified as Nong – who is a Vietnamese – had made the detailed car himself using wood.

The car which is a Bugatti Centodieci has a well-carved grille, with wheel axles and a nice steering wheel.

In a statement made to Spercar Blondie, Mr Nong said it took him 40 days to build the car from the scratch.

The car is powered by two batteries and weighs a stunning 350kg. It is said to be made entirely out of oak wood.

Drivers and onlookers could help but stare in awe as dad and son ride the beautiful work of art on the road alongside real cars and trucks.

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Many have hailed the man’s talents, others described it as impressive.

Marcel Vos said:

“If bugatti is smart they bring a real one to the family so they can drive in it for a day perfect foto shoot.”Alan Takibay reacted:

“He should auction it and he will get well more than 5 grand.”Meanwhile, earlier reported that a Nigerian man had shared photos of the posh wooden car he had constructed.
The talented man identified as Ahmed Aliyu wowed many with his amazing talents.

Aliyu went as far as fitting the car with a windscreen, proper car seats, a working engine, steering wheel, license plates, a bumper and even headlamps.

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