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It’s So Sad! See How This Woman Beats Her Step Son to Death for Stealing Her Money (Details below)



This story made my heart bleed.

“This Nigerian woman was stripped half naked and was forced to carry the body of a dead boy she was reportedly Beaten to death in her place. The tragic incident happened on Sunday on Amosu Street, Ijegun, Lagos.

A woman known locally as Iya Anu beat and killed her 16- year- old step son, Seubow, for allegedly stealing the N50. Seubow was the niece of Iya Anu’ s husband.

According to her neighbors nearby, the issue started after Seubow lost the sum N1, 000 given to him by Iya Anu to be collected back a few days back. Angered by the alleged theft, the woman refused to feed Seubow for more than four days. When the young man could no longer afford to be hungry, he waved good- bye to one night. When Iya Anu found out, she accused him of stealing her N50 and beat him, using a stick. She beat him for days until he died on Sunday afternoon.

After his death, neighbours gathered the woman and made her carry the boy’ s body to the police station.

Beating a child, even in Nigerian society, is not the same as beating a child to death. This is a sad and disgusting crime. There is also a skepticism in Nigeria Abuse Laws & Its Juvenile Dependency system of Nigeria which helps to prevent these forms of abuse. What policies are in place to help remove children from abusive environments?

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Great encouragement continues in the remaining countries. This means that the milestone in the implementation of the rule of law which has not been translated into advanced legal protection for the entire federation. Children are abused daily, mentally, s*xually, mentally and morally every day.

Some who are already in school are on the streets selling. Most of them live on the streets and become hell tomorrow. Others are sent to prostitution, child labor at an early age. Some of these children are culturally used these days.

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