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“Is Igboho Biting More Than He Can Chew”- Read What Buhari Said After Sunday Igboho Vowed To Open The Nigerian Border (Details below)



President Muhammadu Buhari has finally reacted to Sunday Igboho’ s claim to reopen the country’ s borders.

Recall that earlier today, Sunday Igboho vowed to reopen the country’ s borders in order to grant easy access to the Yoruba people after declaring the indolence of the Yoruba Nation.

According to the activist, the people who control the country’ s borders are all Fulani. In a video footage where he declared the Independence of the Yoruba Nation, Sunday Igboho accused the Fulani herdsmen of enslaving his people.

However, the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, recently stated that the reopening of the border will not be possible.

The President made this announcement in a press statement that was released by his Senior Special Media Publicist, Femi Adesina, earlier today.

In the statement, President Buhari noted that the closure of the nation’ s border has not prevented the entry of illegal and dangerous ammunition into the country.

Buhari stated the death of Gadaffi caused many of his militants to flee to Libya with sophisticated ammunition. Therefore, the country’ s border will remain closed until further notice.

This statement was made by President Buhari, just hours after Sunday Igboho vowed that he will reopen the country’ s border to help the Yoruba’ s.

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Sunday Igboho had earlier declared that all States in the South West will no longer be under Nigeria, stating that his people are are tired of the criminal activities of the Fulani herdsmen.

The activist lamented over the kidnappings and killings of his people by the Fulani herdsmen within Oyo State.

He also pledged to reopen the country’ s borders for the benefit of the Yoruba people, stating that there have been hunger in the Yoruba land, following closure of the country’ s border for several months.

Sunday Igboho also accused the Fulani herdsmen of terrorising and enslaving his people in their own fatherland.

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