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I will Never Get Married or Get Children, Even My Mother Knows – 35-Year-Old Former Citizen TV Presenter Gives Her Reasons (Details below)



Wednesday, 10 March 2021 – Former Citizen TV presenter, Joey Muthengi, has revealed that she has no plans of getting married or giving birth.

Speaking in an interview with Mwende on Radio Maisha, the sassy presenter said that she made the controversial decision a long time ago despite facing endless questions from fans, family and friends on when she will settle down.

Joey said that even her mother is aware of her decision although she strongly believes that she will change her mind in the future.

“Most Kenyan men you meet will most likely want marriage and kids. That’s not my plan. I date, go out socially and things like that but I tell them that marriage is one thing I cannot give you,” she said.

“Siwezi kua bibi. If I wanted, I would have been married by now because most of my friends are married or have several kids. In the beginning, my mother thought I was joking. She told me that it will reach a point where I will change my mind,” she added.