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I Wanted to Transfer Money to a Taxi Driver, When I asked For His Account, See What I Noticed (Details below)



This world is really a small place, you won’t know who you will meet at the cause of your daily leaving, just try and be nice to everyone you come in contact with.

A lady who goes by the name “datchubbychic” has took to her social media handle to narrate what transpired between her and a taxi driver.

She stated that someone had ordered a taxi cap for her as trying to get one for herself was abortive, because the bolt drivers are afraid of the traffic that lead to her destination.

The person who order the driver to come pick her up promise the driver an additional extra cash if her come to pick the lady.

They driver agreed, so after picking the lady, the person who promise to give the driver extra cash decided to change his mind therefore refusing to give him the extra cash. The driver really felt sad and unhappy, the extra cash was the main reason he came at the first place.

The lady now dicided to give the driver some extra cash when she reach her destination.

After driving to her destination, the lady requested for his account details to make some transfer. But the name give to he lady sound so familiar to her.

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She then inquired about him only to find out they were cousins.

See below:

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