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I Sacrificed Myself For My Baby That Is Why I Am In This Situation- Woman Cry Out (Details below)



Sometimes in life, the people we trust are the ones that do horrible and terrifying things to us. In today’s article, I will be writing about a mother who sacrificed her life for her baby.

The story of this woman called Alexia is a mother of 5 children. Alexia tells her story; It all started when I realized that I was pregnant. I thought this would be good news to my husband because we already had four children and now another one in the womb. I was very wrong when I broke the supposed good news to my husband. My husband was not happy at all and started talking about the pregnancy since it was bad news to him.

Days after my husband’s laments, he told me to go for an abortion because we were not going to have that baby. I became confused and surprised at what my husband told me. I was afraid to take the life of that innocent soul so I pleaded with him to have the child and we will take care of him just like we have done to the four that we already have. My husband told me he did not want to hear the kind of nonsense that I was telling him because we were already failing to support the four children that we already had and having the fifth one would make things even worse.

My husband was not ashamed of his decision and always reintegrated that taking care of the four and the new one would be very difficult for us to even think of their school fees. I was very afraid of the abortion and did not want to take life and I also knew I could die in the process. I advised him that the money could be used to take care of our baby and killing an innocent soul would is a sin and we would account for it. I asked him if he thinks the abortion was the only way through. He walked away and I thought that was over. Little did I know that he was plotting evil against me.

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My husband and I continue living a normal smooth life. I later told him that I was afraid to have the abortion and might lose my life in the process and our children would have no mother to take care of them. That night, we slept peacefully and I woke up the following morning to go to work. Even though I was pregnant but needed to go to the construction site to carry some building materials for money because the family needed the money to survive. Usually, my husband goes out every morning but just to bring something home but that day, he stayed home and it was obvious that he was plotting something.

From work, I returned home so tired. I had a shower and I slept because I was working the whole day and needed rest. I left my husband in the living room. My husband took the children to sleep and made sure that they were all sleeping. He locked the door and switched off the lights in the room. He walked to the bedroom and this time, I was fast asleep. I did not have any idea about what was going on. As I was sleeping, my husband got acid and poured it on me. I feel fire all around my body and I started screaming but he poured more on me with a lot of anger and even got some plashed on him.

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We both started screaming louder and our children broke into the room and saw our skin falling off. We got helped from our neighbors and were taken to the nearest hospital. They gave us first aid and were sent to a bigger hospital in the same ambulance. My burns were so severe that I fell into a coma and regained my consciousness two months later. After my husband’s wounds started healing, he knew that my waking up could send him to jail, and ran away from the hospital.

When I came out of the coma, I realized that I was still pregnant. The doctors told me that the only way I could survive was to operate on me and take the baby out of my womb. I became sad and told the doctors that they should not touch my baby and if the only way for me to survive is by taking the baby out of my womb, then he should be there and grow. I told them that I am in this condition because of the baby and the only thing that would make me happy is when I see my baby. I told them I would die but my baby should make out alive.

The time for my labor came and I was in deep pain. The doctors performed surgery on me and the baby made it out alive. The doctors were in full of shock as everything on successfully with my burns. They said I was in a coma for two months and my baby was able to survive. This was a miracle and they have seen such in their lives.

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