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“I Paid My Boyfriend’s Rent for Two Years and he Just Called me To Say he Accidentally Did This”- Lady Says



“I Paid my Boyfriend’s Rent for Two Years and he just Called me he Accidentally did This”- Lady Says.

The extent we all are willing to for love usually differs. However, I’m of the opinion that no one should be blamed for how much they tend to care or shrink for who they love. Emotions are part of us and could sometimes get the better of us.

A lady on twitter has expressed her dissatisfaction after she claimed her boyfriend accidentally slept with another lady that led to pregnancy. Relating the issue via twitter, she wrote;

“I paid my boyfriend’s rent last year and this year too and he just called me now to tell me that, he accidentally slept with someone and she fell pregnant the worst part is that I still gave him my ATM today to withdraw for his groceries shopping. I have been duped!!”

Apparently, she paid for his rent for two years and seven gave him some money for groceries, yet he still behaved like an ingrate. The question that however bothers me is whether someone could really “accidentally” sleep with another lady who isn’t your partner? Is that even ideal? Should love be repaid in such zealous and inhumane manner?

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Let’s have your take and opinions on this issue in the comments section.

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