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I Noticed Something On The Biafra Map Released By Nnamdi Kanu That Might Cause Trouble (Details below)



6 days ago, the commander of the Indigenous People of Biafra, who is no other than the person of Nnamdi Kanu, disclosed his edition of the map of Biafra which consists of some states and cities respectively. The map he disclosed contained 25 regions that consist of the South- south and South- East part of the Nigerian geopolitical territory.

I noticed on the map that he included Uyo, Eket Onitsha, Calabar, Enugu, Nnewi, Warri, and many others that can’ t be listed below, and something touched my mind and I felt like voicing it out.

In the map, he pointed out about 3 cities in Delta state such as Agbor, Asaba, and Warri, Ugheli and I wonder why the rest places in the delta were excluded, it’ s not even just for Delta state, in Anambra and other states, he picked some particular cities in them and pushed the rest cities aside, does it mean that those cities pushed aside would have no business with the ones listed or what cause I don’ t understand.

why didn’ t he just fix in other states just like he started port- Harcourt, at least, that it is clear that he meant the whole of port- Harcourt and not just some particular cities?

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I want to draw y’ all attention and put it to you that this might cause a very big issue if not properly taken care of, I see lots of people rejoicing over it when they saw it without asking why are some places missing, he is automatically dividing the Igbos when it hasn’ t even started.

This is surprising, the map is not balanced that is one thing I figured out, cause you can’ t just pick few cities from every state if you want to make up a map, it might bring confusion among the people.

Is he planning on adding those excluded cities to the cities included? That is where the whole issue might start