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I Never Knew My GIRLFRIEND I Dated For 3 Years Had Died Long Before I Even Met her (Details below)



An unbelievable moment was when I discovered that the girl I was dating for 3 years had died long before I even met her. Samuel as people call me was looking for love for many years, I prayed and wished to find a girl that will love me so much.

I lived in my own house as I was planning on dating before I get married, one Saturday morning, after returning from a meeting, I saw a lady, she was beautiful like an angel, had glowing eyes, I stopped to ask her name, she told me Kate, Kate indeed was beautiful, I instantly felt like being with her.

So, we exchanged numbers, and started meeting, I brought her to my house, she showed me love, and I told myself that I have found a woman, she was always there for me, but one thing odd about her is that she barely goes out with me, I never knew why little did I know she had died long before I met her.

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