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“I Enjoyed Watching My 4-month-old Baby Being Defiled By My Man” – Lady Says (Details below)



A young lady has left numerous individuals astounded subsequent to revealing that she delighted in watching her boyfriend defile her 4 month-old baby reliably till she died.

A video shows her explaining how the sexual molestation of her child began, saying her baby flirted with her boyfriend and he broke her virginity and kept defiling her.

According to the woman, despite the fact that the baby was in pain because of the defilement executed on her by her grown boyfriend, she wasn’t annoyed.

The lady, who does not feel bad about her act, also revealed that the baby later died because of the constant rape by her boyfriend, but she does not care.

As though that was not unfeeling enough, she further uncovered that she used to pimp the child to other men for sex until she died because of complications from the assaults.

“Whenever, they are engaging in sexual relations, I could see the pain easily however I simply take a look at them and grin. She will take a look at me with so much agony and fear in her eyes, however I will simply look off and smile,” she revealed.

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