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“I Dumped The Victim’s Body Under A Bridge Out Of Fear”- Arrested Nursing Mother (Details below)



Police apprehended a nursing mother for dumping a victim’ s body under the bridge after allegedly hitting the pedestrian with a car.

The woman identified as Anita explained that she had no criminal intentions but was confused and convinced to dump the body by a woman. She was simply driving and suddenly she saw people gathered in front of her car with a body lying on the ground. She was shocked but immediately asked them to help her carry the body into the car for medical attention.

She rushed down to the hospital and on getting there, they discovered the victim had died. At that point, the only thing she thought of doing next was to take the body to the police station and make a report.

All the while, a woman was with her. The woman accompanied her from the accident scene to the hospital. On her way heading to the Police station, the woman suggested she dump the body under the bridge insisting that if she take the body to the police station, she will be arrested and convicted. She managed to confuse her and she had to try her suggestion.

Unknown to her, the hospital had already recorded her car details incase she doesn’ t report to the police station as expected.

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When she got home, she narrated the ordeal to her husband who reprimanded her and immediately asked them to head to the police station to make a report.

It was on this mission that she was caught by the Police. The Police Spokesperson also agreed that she may have no criminal intentions but the step she took afterwards has made her a criminal.

Her baby has been taken away for over a week now that the case has been on. The woman is in a serious mess right now.

What would you have done if you were in her shoes?

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