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I Caught My Wife Pants-Down With My Stepfather, What Should I Do – Man Cries Out (Details below)



The idea behind Marriage is for two people to come together and form companionship, share some love and procreate if they so wish. This system will bond them together and it is meant to last forever that is why they usually take a vow during a wedding– ” till death do us part” .

However, relationships these days do not wait for death to do them part anymore. There are so many other things that can do them part. One of them is cheating. Either of the couples would likely cheat at one point or another and the relationship will have to come to an abrupt end without the interference of death.

One of such relationships has just ended again as a result of cheating from the wife.

A 28- year- old married Zimbabwean woman, Moreblessing Chum, has been caught pants down with her supposed father- in- law. Father- in- law of all people!

The story behind the news has it that the husband, Tobias Chiyangwa (37) who works in Kwekwe could not believe his eyes when he caught his wife having a nice time on their matrimonial bed. News has it that the husband usually works a night shift job. So he usually spends most of his night at work. But on this particular ugly night, he decided to end his night- shift job midway because he was not feeling too well.

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The popular news surrounding the story said he left work around 2:30 AM because his body could not stand the illness anymore. But on getting home to take bed rest, what he saw too, his eyes could not stand it either.

According to news, he did not do anything to them because he lacks the energy to even say a single word to them. He just walked out on them. The wife has since returned to her parent’ s house of her own volition. She is yet to face her husband since the incident occurred; I guess as a result of shame.

Although cheating is cheating, there are some kinds of cheating that hurt to the bone. Cheating with a family member is part of those that hurt most. No one wants to experience it.

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