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Here Is How Fuel Price Has Risen From 6 Kobos To N212 And the Only President Who Didn’t Increase It (Details below)



The recent increase in the price of fuel in Nigeria has been the major headline all day. And this has gotten many Nigerians angry, as the price suddenly increased from around N175 per litre to N212 per litre. Personally, on hearing the news, I was really shocked as to where this nation is heading to. However, the minister for petroleum has now revealed that alongside him, President buhari wasn’t aware of the change in price.

Meanwhile, I will be using this opportunity to show you how the price of fuel has increased in Nigeria over the last 5 decades. And i will also be showing the only President who didn’t increase the price of fuel throughout his tenure. So let’s Go…

1. Yakubu Gowon: In the year 1973, yakubu Gowon increased the price of fuel by from 6 Kobo to 8.45 Kobo.

2. Murtala Mohammed: In the year 1976, murtala Mohammed increased the price from 8.45 Kobo to 15.3 Kobo.

3. Olusegun Obasanjo: In the year 1978, olusegun Obasanjo increased the price from 9 Kobo to 15.3 Kobo.

4. Shagari: In the year 1982, shagari increased the price from 15.3 Kobo to 20 Kobo.

5. Ibrahim Babangida:

In the year 1986, Babangida increased the price from 20 Kobo to 39.5 Kobo. Again in the year 1988, Babangida increased it 42 Kobo and then to 60 Kobo in 1989. However in 1991, he increased it again to 70 Kobo.

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6. Shonekan: Mr. Shonekan spent just 82 days in power but he increased the price of fuel from 70 Kobo to N5.

7. Sani Abacha: In the year 1993, Abacha decreased the price of fuel from N5 to N3.25 Kobo. But in the year 1994, he massively increased it to N15. However, he reduced it again to N11 in 1994.

8. Abubakar: In the year 1998, abubakar increased the price from N11 to N25. But later decreased it to N20 in 1999.

9. Olusegun Obasanjo:

In the year 2000, President Obasanjo increased the price from N20 to N30. But in that same year, he decreased it to N22. However in 2002, he increased it to N26 before skyrocketing it to N42 in 2003. In 2004, the price Rose to N50 and in the same year, the price rose to N65 before it later increased to N75.

10. Yar’ Adua:

In the year 2007, Yar’Adua reduced the price to N65.

11. Goodluck Jonathan:

In 2012, GEJ increased it to N141 before reducing it to N97 in the same year. However, he further reduced it to N87 in 2015 before leaving.

12. Muhammadu Buhari: In 2016, Buhari Increased the price to N145 and that was how the price kept on rising until it got to N212.

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Meanwhile, amidst all these leaders, only yar’Adua didn’t increase the price.

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