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Heartbroken man shares sad experience with cheating wife and her side lover



A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to share his pain after he caught his wife cheating on him, and she ended up killing herself..

Sharing his sad ordeal, he wrote;

“I was off from work, but I had to go out and submit some documents at work personally. I woke up early to get myself prepared. I drove off from home without closing a garage door, knowing very well that I will be coming back home soon.

Usually I spend a lot of my time at my work place, But I came home early and catching my wife cheating on me inside my own bedroom was the last thing I ever thought should happen to me. That was the day I find her right handed with another man inside my bedroom, I entered the room and I find them walking n*ked. The man started begging for apology, asking for his doorway out.

I ordered this man to take all his belongings and leave my house peacefully without any harm, and I walked out to the dining room. Later that afternoon I slept inside my bedroom without engaging to any conversation with my cheating wife.

When I wake up I discovered that my wife has committed a suicide, She strangled herself in the middle of the night, the worst decision she took in a very short space of time and it was very sad. Few months later after that incident everything had been resolved, I always ask myself if I was the one who was wrong by not reacting, I had no control over that whole situation.”

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