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Hardened Criminals, Instead of Them Begging For Their Lives, See What These Thieves Did (Details below)



Stealing is becoming the fastest way of making money by desperate, greedy, lazy and evil minded individuals. They take what belongs to others without any remorse. This is why area boys, otherwise called mobs deal with criminals, thieves and kidnappers who unluckily stepped into their traps. They usually set them ablaze or hand them over to the police after they may have caused them indelible injuries.

Monday 22nd March 2021, security operatives in University of Calabar (Unical) apprehended two phone thieves who stole phone amidst other criminal offenses. This was shared on twitter by Naija.

After they were arrested, the security personnel paraded them around chemistry department. After then, they took and shared a picture of them together.

Against all expectations, the two phone thieves who are supposed to feel remorse for what they did posed unconcerned in the picture. One of them was even smiling while the other one posed in style.

To worsen the whole issue, they were stripped, they were allowed to put on only boxers, instead of them to feel ashamed of themselves and what they did, one of them was smiling, the other one feels very much comfortable.

Indeed, they are hardened criminals. They are comfortable with what they do and they don’t care about what may happen to them.

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What do you think should be done to them?

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