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Forget About Food And Fuel Blockade, See Why Yorubas And Igbos Cannot Go Their Separate Ways (Details below)



The fight against bandits and terrorists has been put on hold as the northern part of Nigeria and the southern part fight over, who leaves their state and who stays after the great damage done by a deadly group known as herdsmen, who kill and destroy farmland, leaving a lot of Nigerians homeless.

The fight that breaks out in the Shasha market in Uyo state, has since prompted the north to block their farm product from entering the south.

Here is what the spokesman, for Amalgamated Union of food and cattle dealer, Awal Aliyu, said: “decision to block food supply to the south was not to starve them but to protest the attack on its members”.

With all said and done, despite all the struggles, Yorubas nor Igbos cannot ever go their separate ways no matter how they tried to achieve their goal.

The leader of Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kalu, has been through different bashing and rebuke both by his people and several Nigerians for standing out to voice out the discrimination done to his people, he has been over this cause for many years now, yet he has no plan as what would happen and how his people will survive the hunger and cope with everything after he gains what he has been looking for.

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The struggle is real, the pain is too much for the people, they fight for freedom is applaudable, but Yorubas or Igbos can’t go their separate ways.

Just like Nnamdi Kalu, Sunday Igboho, surfaced on January 2021 after he asked Fulanis to vacate ibapara, following the killings in that area. The two, Igboho and Kalu, has continued to wail every passing day, over a similar, well-known cause that several Nigerians can recite even in their sleep, both freedom fighters rant more than they take actions, they let their anger get the best part of them, instead of putting their head to work, the war of words on Twitter has been their major aim just like Aisha Y., who starts and ends her fight on Twitter.

To make things happen, the two freedom fighters have to talk less and take action since international bodies are watching.

The only way to achieve their purpose is not by arguing about food and fuel blockade, what the south stands to gain and what the east losses, this fight is beyond food a time will come when food will be scarce since the crisis is looming.

however, the freedom fighters have to make the international bodies, see the causes and come to their aid immediately, that’s the only way forward.

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