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Exposed! What Magufuli Did On His Death Bed That Shocked Doctors Before He Died (Video below)



As Tanzania continues her fallen leader John Pombe Joseph Magufuli ahead of his burial on Thursday, March 25, fresh details have emerged on his last moments in the hospital.

According to reports, Magufuli’s family spokesman Ngusa revealed how the late President led prayers with nurses and doctors in the last days before his death.

Being a man of God, Magufuli was still the same staunch Christian who believed in God and he led prayers and songs together with his doctors and nurses even on his death bed.

Additionally, the late president also received special blessings from Cardinal Polycarp Pengo and Father Padre Alister Makubi.

Chief Sheikh, Mufti Abubakar Zubeir also prayed for him just before he breathed his last.

Further details also emerged on how Magufuli was flown to the Nairobi Hospital after his condition worsened at his Chato home, Tanzania.

Though the Tanzania government has been maintaining that Magufuli was being treated at Muzena Hospital in Dar es Salaam, sources said he was transferred to the hospital after doctors in the Nairobi Hospital were unable to treat him.

A source at the hospital said Magufuli died on March 11th but the Tanzania government announced his death on March 17.

The source said Magufuli was airlifted to Kenya secretly on March 8 after suffering acute cardiac and respiratory illnesses.

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The doctors at Nairobi Hospital concluded that he could not be resuscitated and referred him back to Tanzania.

According to sources, President Uhuru Kenyatta, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and members of the National Security Advisory Committee (NSAC) were aware of the developments.

On Saturday, March 20, Uhuru visited the High Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania in Nairobi to pay respects to the late President John Magufuli.

He was accompanied by acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu, Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka and his National assembly counterpart Justin Muturi.

Uhuru said Magufuli was a close friend and Tanzania and Kenya will continue to be friendly allies even in future. He added that what is being experienced in Tanzania is also being felt in Kenya.

On Sunday, hundreds of Tanzanians lined up on the streets in Dar es Salaam to bid their final goodbye to the late President Magufuli.

In videos posted online by the country’s Government Spokesperson, citizens are seen huddling during the day and night to catch a glimpse of the hearse as it slowly sneaks its way past them.

Watch Video Below:

Some were dressed in black or the green and yellow colours of the ruling party as they waved goodbye to the deceased President and took photos of the hearse.

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Some who could not hold back their grief were seen breaking down, mourning a leader they visibly cherished.

Photos posted on Twitter showed a huge majority of Tanzanians still not wearing masks or keeping social distance as they lined up the streets.

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