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“Don’t Come To America”- President Joe Biden Issues Strong Warning To Nigerians Planning To Migrate (Details below)



The President of the USA, President Joe Biden, issued a proclamation regarding the rate of emigration to the U. S. , as the President retained the position of his predecessor Donald Trump, and called on people from other countries to stop coming to the United States to claim asylum.

In a March 17th interview with ABC Media, and as recorded in the People’ s Gazette, the President answered a question concerning the frequency of other nationals applying for asylum in the United States, and the president was quite direct in saying that, asking them not to bother coming to the United States for those reasons.

Ex- president Donald Trump did something similar, when it imposed a travel ban on several African countries, which led to massive support for a different political system in the US during the general election.

It’ s also important to know that Biden disclosed that the immediate issue was children needing safety at the perimeter and the administration moved to increase the number of beds available and fast track the process of placing children with U. S. – based sponsors while their legal cases play out.

What was the cause for the countless support the democratic party of the United States received from Nigerians on several social media platforms, if the new president is still going to maintain the same rule set by the ex government? I think it’ s about time we started building our own country and focusing on our own growth as opposed to looking for greener pastures on foreign land.

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However, Biden’ s new post provoked mixed reactions on Twitter.

As a Nigerian, what do you have to say about Joe Biden’ s recent message? If you have anything to say, please see the comments section and let us know.

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