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Do You Know That Mysterious Bees And Snakes Attacked Killed Boko Haram Members In Sambisa Forest (Details below)



You can be very wicked and dangerous. You can be in possession of sophisticated arms. You can be a well trained and equipped killer. You can hide under any religion to launch deadly attack on people. You can be feared and respected for your influence in the society, mind you, bees and snakes are animals, they don’ t have feelings or respect for your status, once you pass your boundary, you will be attacked.

In 2014, Boko Haram gained serious popularity after bombing prominent places in northern nigeria and gradually extending their evil operations to some part of Western region. Ack then, it was clear to people that nigerian soldiers are not finding it so easy to curtail these Islamic sects, so many churches and muslim do prays against the killer boko haram members for heavenly intervention in stopping, however, no one knows if those prayers were answered but it is good to note that something horrible happened to the wicked islamists.

In June 2014, some members of the sects whom were arrested by the Civilian JTF vigilante group confessed, they made a shocking revelation of what they were passing through in Sambisa Forest, they said bees and snakes attacked them and the attack was seen as a spiritual attack because many of their members have been killed snakes and bees.

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One of the nabbed criminals identified to be Kolo Mustafa said members of the sect were leaving the dreaded forest, once they bites, they will disappear and victim will not last more that 24 hours.

Mustafa even said that their spiritualist told the. The aggrieved people and spirits of slain people are those turning into snake to seek revenge.

When this news broke out, Nigerians jubilation think the bees and snakes will help end boko haram insurgent, sadly, they are still very intact till date.

What do you think about the mysterious bees, don’ t you think we need their service again?