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Check Out Wedding Picture Causing Mixed Reaction on Twitter (Photos below)



Wedding is something that happened to certain people once in a lifetime. Because of that, they strive to make things as memorable as possible. Such is the case with a couple who married and wanted to take pictures and keep memories alive for the future. But something happened to take the photo.

When they take the picture, the bride places his hand where it shouldn’t be. Was it a mistake or intentional? To this, no one had an answer. But if it’s deliberate, why did he choose to do that?

When people knew how jealous women are in regard to their husband paying attention to another woman or showing some kind of interest, they began to wonder how the bride would react after seeing this marriage image. Will she get angry and fight or just brush the problem aside?

Analyzing the wedding picture from another perspective one can know that the lady beside the groom is his best woman. Just take a closer look at the photo again and tell us what you see.

Some Twitter users say that maybe the man has a secret affair with her and perhaps the affair always goes on without knowing the bride. Some said that when exposed, things are going to end, but “what does the wife do?” it was worth asking.

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