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Be Warned! ! See 4 Davido Slangs You Should Never Use At Public Places To Avoid Trouble (Details below)



Nobody will come out to tell me that he/she doesn’ t love one celebrity and apart of that in nigeria, davido is among the celebrities that nigerians love too much.

A lot of youths are very much into Davido, Davido is a mentor to a whole lot of youths reason most of them do whatever he does to be like him, some smoke- like him, dress like him and use his words anyhow they like, but do you know that most of these words are dangerous when used in a street filled with street boys or cults?

if you are following this article, take not of these words and never use them anyhow, anywhere you go. But before I release all these words for you, try and press follow button.


This might be just a song, but I have seen group of bad boys use it as a way to shut a victim up, imagine using this word in a lonely road or for a stranger and you end up receiving the beating of your life.

E Choke

It might interest you to know that these Echoke has a deep meaning that I’ m yet to understand, using this vague word in your area or anywhere is wrong, it’ s dangerous and they might think you are one of them and might want to associate with you.

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This is the most recent one, in fact he did a competition with this one, I want to put it to you that using this word might put you into trouble, Davido is different, he can even tell the president to Tule jor, but your case saying it to an unknown person might warrant a beating of your life.


This one, he uses it in almost all his songs, some part of the world, shekpe means alcohol, but in some meanings, it means a different thing entirely so using it is at user risk, better don’ t use anyone just to avoid trouble.

Note: This is just my opinion which I really want you to take it seriously because of unexpected day you will say it in the wrong places.