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Barely 24 Hours After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine, Look at What Happened to This Nigerian Man (Details below)



While many Nigerians wait for their categories to be eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine, many eligible people throughtout the country are still waiting for their first shot.

One of the very few that has taken the vaccine shared his experience 14 hour after, the man identified as Jack Obiyan took to social media to share how he felt 5 hours after his first shot, and made another post 14 hours after.

“It’s now 5hrs after my jab (CovidVaccine), I fell asleep for 15 mins about 2hrs ago. I’m now awake, so fit and healthy”. His first post read

Early this morning he made another post on how the vaccine seems to have an effect on him.

He said “14hrs after jab, woke up right now with mild headache and mild temperature. Meaning antibodies in action…Whatever was injected into me is “active” and my body defense system is “active”. Very good news. Solution? Paracetamol and back to sleep. Just that simple”.

With the role out of the vaccine I implore every Nigeria to take the vaccine too. Remember the Rules and stay safe.

So are you taking the vaccine once available to? If No why?

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