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Apostle Suleman Opens Up After Being Accuse on Using His Mother For Ritual (Details below)



Speaking in a viral video is the renown Nigerian Televangelist and the Senior Pastor and General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman in his Church headquarters in Auchi, Edo State. Addressing his congregation during the “Thanksgiving Service” for his birthday, presented his mother to both the offline and online members, to debunks the rumors on social media that her mother is from India and he used her for ritual.

Apostle Johnson Suleman’s mother greeted and thank all the Omega Fire Ministry members and pastors, for supporting her son during the time of challenges and she also revealed that she’s not from India or Cameroon as allegedly reported. She’s from Edo and a proud Benin woman.

Here is everything Apostle Johnson Suleman said afterwards in the video:

“If you are a social media enthusiast, in one of these days you would have read about me that my mother was from India, she’s the source of my power, I used my mother for ritual. My mother is a retired Police woman. Some people asked me why I don’t respond to something being said about me, but I have no idea, would I respond to something that doesn’t make sense, I can’t respond to something like that. I read it somewhere, let me not mention the Newspaper, it was on the front page that I used my mum for ritual and that’s why God is blessing me.

And someone said respond, how will I respond? My mum is alive, I didn’t use her for ritual. She’s alive and at home, why would I respond to them. It doesn’t make sense and I want to thank my wife. I want to thank God because you know when you hear things about your husband and she wants to know what’s going, check it and sees the insults and the abuses. There is no kind of things I’ve not read. They said there is a river in our Church and anybody who must come into the Church must drink from the river. I want to say this to all of us around the world, let stop this spirit of hate, hate is terrible. When you are always looking for something negative to say about somebody, and the reason there are people who are saying it is because, there are people who have hate in them ready to listen, we should stop it.

A politician want to hear that another politician slept and didn’t wake up. Somebody want to hear that somebody is down. Somebody want to hear that somebody is out of the office. A pastor want to hear that another pastor ministry has closed.

A musician want to see that another musician didn’t do well and the things you must understand is that, everybody occupy a space, if you remove them you can’t replace them. Beyond what you see in the physical that person represent a family, people are connected to that person, you can’t replaced them and for those of us who have been abused and insulted in any capacity, don’t bother yourself whoever does not give you money, should not give you headache.”

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