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Alot Of Christians Will Never Believe That This Verse Is From The Holy Quran, Check It Out (Details below)



Among the five Pillars of Islam, one of them is ” Believing in Prophets And Messengers sent by Allah” . And that includes Isah (Jesus) (A. S. W), if you don’ t believe in one of these Pillars of Islam then you are not a complete Muslim. So believing in Isah (Jesus) is one of the biggest responsibilities of Muslims. In the holy Qur’ an it was stated how Isah (Jesus) was born through a virgin Mother and without any physical contact with a man.

And also his miracles were stated clearly and we all believe in them. Believing in Isah (Jesus) is what we do every single day but the fact that muslims did not take him as a God but rather as a Prophet and Messenger makes Christians believe that muslims don’ t believe or even know him. If believing in Isah (Jesus) is what makes a Christian a Christian then a Muslim is more Christian than a Christian. So, a Muslim fellow on his Twitter account sent this verse of the Holy Qur’ an to a Christian fellow. The verse says;

“O Mary, indeed God has chosen you, purified you, & exalted you above the women of the worlds. ”

When the Christian recieve this message he never thought it was from the Holy Qur’ an, the fact that he knew the person that sent it was a Muslim, but then he replied saying, ” What a beautiful verse. I love the Gospel. ”

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Christians believe in the Bible as their sacred book and in God who makes them full of life. However, there is a wide variation among those believers in terms of doctrines, practices, and beliefs. With these great disparities, one may tend to wonder what it really means to be a Christian. If you are lost in this mix- up, worry no more because the Bible outlines who a Christian is without any traces of confusion. Let us take a walk through the scriptures together and find out who is a Christian according to the Bible.

But the moment he was told that this verse is actually from the Holy Qur’ an in this chapter ” Qur’ an 3: 42″ . He got shocked and couldn’ t believe the Qur’ an will say something beautiful about Maryam (Mary) Mother of Isah (Jesus).

The Qur’ an and the Bible has a lot in common. The fact that both the religion are said to be Abrahamic, which means they gain their origin from Prophet Abaraham. Muslim love Isah (Jesus) as much as you do.

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