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After This Man Was Caught Forcefully Sleeping With A 4 Year-Old Girl, See What Was Done To Him (Details below)



As a parent, you have to be very protective of your children especially your girl child. Children are innocent and defenseless but they are in a wicked world where several harms can easily come to them

There are so many evil people out there who derive joy in having canal knowledge of children and thankfully one of such has been apprehended and hopefully, he gets to face the full wrath of the law.

In a video currently making waves across the internet, a middle-aged man could be seen lying beside a gutter with several people surrounding him. He struggled to get up on his feet but he couldn’t so he sat down inside the gutter

He looked very dirty and unkept like someone who had mental illness but he was actually paying for the inhumane thing that he did to a little girl of 4 years. The people who surrounded him did not help him rather they humiliated him the more and hauled several insults at him.

“This is him, this is the face of the man who defiled a 4-year-old kid, what were you thinking” the voice of an angry woman could be heard in the background of the video

According to the witness who shared the video, the middle-aged man who was humiliated was caught defiling a 4-year-old girl in Ewu-Elepe Ikorodu, Lagos State. What was even more heartbreaking was that the man had been having canal knowledge of the minor long before he got caught in the act.

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The witness revealed that Lagosians didn’t take it likely with the middle-aged man after he was caught, he was paraded around the streets of Lagos for all to know the evil thing he did as seen in the video before he was eventually handed over to the police for justice

Nothing can ever compensate for the harm that has been done to the little girl and whatever the law decides to do to this man, I hope it makes him unable to harm any other girl child out there

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